UDP Test Tool

UDP Test Tool 3.0

Generates UDP packets and listens on specified UDP ports
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Send UDP packages to specific IP or LAN addresses using predefined UDP ports. The tool sends one package at a time or automates the process using the embedded timer. It also captures packages form a specified port and displays the data in ASCII, HEX, Binary or decimal formats.

UDP Test Tool 2.5 is a network utility tool to test connectivity to UDP ports.
This network utility tests your UDP applications, firewalls or network connectivity. You can use it as Remote or Host; both are available for their use in the same window. When you use as remote this tool can send packets to any pre-defined LAN or Internet IP address on any UDP pre-defined port; you can send a single packet or use an automatic timer to send packets every selected time; you can choose to send in ASCII or HEX format, also send a line feed or carriage return and display date and time on the packet send.
As a Host you can bind a specific UDP port and capture incoming packets displaying information on ASCII, binary, HEX or decimal format; also you can add date and time to the incoming packets showing the IP address where they came from.
This test tool is very easy and friendly to use. The installation process is very simple and easy to perform and it didn’t require any additional library or program to run. There is a User Guide available and is very helpful to guide you about the use of the program.
UDP Test Tool works on any Windows based computer platform.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • UDP Test Tool is a great network utility to test UDP ports, capture and analyze information for various purposes. Is also easy and friendly to use and is very helpful to find troubles with UDP applications or firewalls


  • The program crashes if you write in the IP address/Name textbox an incomplete IP address with some text
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